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Virus World Genesis MintingVRWD Zombie NFT 2.0
[Virus World]
Hello! Here you can mint Virus Worlds Zombie NFTs. For NFT minting, AZVT Token and the number of another zombie NFT are required, and minting is possible without an input process through V-link. Below is a simple guide. 1. V-link access: V-link is a link created by a zombie NFT holder, and users who attempt minting through V-link can proceed with minting immediately without additional input. 2. Enter NFT Number : 2. Enter NFT Number: You can proceed with minting by entering the number of another zombie NFT in the NFT Number input box and clicking the minting button.Every Zombie NFT has a unique NFT Number and can generate a V-Link. You must enter NFT number or use V-Link to mint. Check out V-link in the Discord community!
Minting Guide
1. Enter NFT NumberEnter the number of another Zombie NFT to proceed with minting
2. Through V-linkA link created by another Zombie NFT holder allows you to mint without any additional input.
Every Zombie NFT has a unique NFT Number and can generate a V-Link. You must enter NFT number or use V-Link to mint. Check out V-link in the Discord community!
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0.000 ZVT
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[Virus World Major Announcement]

We are continuing to expand the ecosystem with the goal of the initial supply of ZVT will be exhausted and as a result of that, the project value will become very high. It seems that variables depending on the market condition and liquidity flow play a large role in this. Considering this situation, we are attempting more active gradual decentralization policy. We are removing 6,550,000 ZVT from the liquidity supply pool so that the value of ZVT can be created by enthusiastic participants. And we are giving away 1,000,000ZVT for a guild special event. We hope that this will further expand the guild-centered community. Additionally, the remaining liquidity allocations will be used to promote gradual decentralization and community expansion, as in this event. The guild special event details are as follows.

[1,000,000ZVT Guild Special Event]

NFT mining power bonus equivalent to 200,000 ZVT will be distributed differentially to each guild in proportion to the new mining power increased in the guild during the period. NFT mining power bonus equivalent to 800,000 ZVT will be differentially distributed to users who successfully introduce a large amount of new mining power into the guild within the period.



If there is 200,000 ZVT, When A guild and B guild exist, and when A guild's mining power increases by 70 within a period, and B guild's mining power increases by 30, A guild receives 140,000 ZVT and B guild receives 60,000 ZVT respectively. Allocated bonus mining power will be distributed differentially according to each individual's mining power share in each guild.


If you are accountable for Guild A's mining power for 20% of the total, a daily mining power bonus of (140,000/365) * 20% will be distributed.

800,000 ZVT will be shared with a daily mining power bonus equal to 800,000*(individual inflow performance/total inflow performance)/365 depending on the inflow performance to guild members who successfully inflow new mining power.

Detailed conditions of the event

1. Event rewards will be paid out for one year.2. Only the guild to which my NFT belongs at the end of the event has the right to distribute it(prevention of abusing).3. If you leave the guild during the compensation period, you will permanently lose your distribution rights. However, upon withdrawal, you will receive only the amount distributed.4. When one guild master owns two L1 and L2 guild NFTs, they are considered one guild and participate in the event as one guild.5. During the event period, regardless of the guild membership method set for the guild, when you join the guild through the guild member's invitation link, you will be automatically approved to join the guild.

More details

1. Maximum capacity of each guild +100

2. Added automatic approval level limit function

3. Guild member's guild invitation link

Guild Mining Power Snapshot Schedule

November 3, 2023 08:00 (UTC)

Event schedule

November 3, 2023 08:00 (UTC) ~ December 3, 2023 08:00 (UTC)

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